Back of Beyond (81 products found)


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BC01Armed Archaeologists£7.25

BC04German Mercenaries£7.25

BC05American Adventurers£7.25

BC08Palaeontologist and Fossils£7.25


BC10Jolly Good Chaps£7.25

BC19Female Archaeologists£7.25

BC20European Advisors£7.25


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

C05Asian Pack Camels£7.50

C15Baggage Yaks£8.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BC02Bolshevik Commissars£7.25

BC06Bolshevik Machine Gun£7.25

BC11Bolshevik Officers£7.25

BC13Elite Bolshevik Machine Gun£7.25

BC17Bolshevik Heroines£7.25

BC22Bolshevik Standard-Bearers£7.25

BC27Bolshevik Lewis Gunners£7.25

BC28Russian Sailors Maxim MG£7.25

BC29Russian Sailors Command£7.25

BU01Bolshevik Infantry£12.50

BU03Elite Bolshevik Infantry£12.50

BU06Bolshevik Field Gun and Crew£12.50

BU08Bolshevik Infantry in Greatcoats£12.50

BU09Bolshevik Cavalry 1£9.90

BU10Siberian Rifles£12.50

BU14Bolshevik Lancers/Std. Bearers£9.90

BU15Bolshevik Cavalry 2£9.90

BU16Bolshevik Cavalry in Greatcoats£9.90

BU17Mounted Bolshevik Officers£9.90

BU41Russian Partisans£12.50

BU42Russian Sailors£12.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BC18British Officers£7.25

BC24British Lewis Gunners£7.25

BU24British Infantry£12.50

BU27British HMGs£12.50

BU33Indian Army - Sikh Infantry£12.50

BU37Indian Army - Muslim Infantry£12.50

BU38Indian Army HMGs£12.50

BU40Indian Army - Gurkhas£12.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BU18Mongol Tribal Cavalry 1£9.90

BU19Mongol Tribal Cavalry 2£9.90

BU20Mongol Characters£9.90

BU21Chahar Mongols£9.90

BU22Mongol Tribal Cavalry 3£9.90


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BU25Tibetan Nomad Cavalry 1£9.90

BU26Tibetan Cavalry 1£9.90

BU32Tibetan Yak Caravan£12.50

BU47Tibetan Matchlockmen£12.50


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BC03Chinese Officers£7.25

BC07Chinese Machine Gun£7.25

BC12Chinese Warlord£7.25

BC14Chinese Executioners£7.25

BC16Chinese Heavy Mortar£7.25

BC21Chinese Bandit Chiefs£7.25

BC23Chinese Buglers and Standard-Bearers£7.25

BU02Chinese Infantry in Fur Caps£12.50

BU04 Chinese Infantry Marching£12.50

BU05Chinese Field Gun and Crew£12.50

BU07Chinese Infantry£12.50

BU11White Russians in Chinese Service£12.50

BU12Chinese Assault Troops£12.50

BU13Chinese Dare-to-Die Fanatics£12.50

BU28Chinese Cavalry in Fur Caps£9.90

BU29Mounted Chinese Officers£9.90

BU30Chinese Bandits with Rifles£12.50

BU31Chinese Cavalry in Peaked Caps£9.90

BU44Chinese Peasant Red Spears£12.50

BU45Mounted Chinese Bandits 1£9.90

BU46Mounted Chinese Bandits 2£9.90

BU50White Russian Lancers in Chinese Service£9.90


Product CodeProduct DescriptionProduct PriceQuantity

BC15The Mad Baron£7.25

BC25White Russian Officers 1£7.25

BC26White Russian Maxim MG£7.25

BU23Ragged White Russians£12.50

BU34White Russian Infantry£12.50

BU35Caucasian Cossack Cavalry£9.90

BU36White Russian Cossacks 1£9.90

BU39White Russian Cossacks 2£9.90

BU43Cossack Standard-Bearers£9.90

BU48White Russian Field Gun£12.50

BU49Czech Legion Infantry£12.50